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How to use the Nailsome Nailwraps

Step 1

It is important to remove old nail polish before you apply your Nailwraps. Use some nail polish remover to remove your old nail polish. Even if you don't wear nail polish, you should wipe each of your nails with a little nail polish remover to make sure they are completely clean. You can also wash your hands and nails to make sure they are free of grease and dirt.

Step 2
Cut & polish

Next, you need to trim your nails to the desired length. If they are already the length you want, just take a minute to shape them with a nail file. Also polish the tops of your nails with a nail polishing block to make sure they are smooth and even. If you have dry, brittle nails, you should also apply one or two coats of strengthening top coat before applying the wraps. Otherwise, the adhesive could damage your nails.
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Step 3
Choose right size

Choose a Nailwrap that fits your nail size. Hold the strips next to your nails to determine where the best placement for each Nailwrap would be. Try to select a foil for each nail that completely covers the nail and rests against the cuticle. It may not be possible to find a perfect fit for each nail, but do your best. Don't worry about choosing the strip that is intended for a specific finger. Just pick the strip that fits your finger best.
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Step 4
Apply Nailwrap

Apply the Nailwrap to your nails. Use a cuticle pusher to apply the nail strip and smooth it on your nail. Make sure there are no bumps and that the nail strip reaches the edges of your nails. It should be flush with your cuticles on all sides. Try not to touch the adhesive layer with your fingertips when applying, or some of it may come off.
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Step 5
Cut Nailwrap

Cut off the excess Nailwrap. The Nailwraps are quite long, so most people will have some excess material left. Use nail scissors or nail clippers to remove this. If you have slightly shorter nails, the cut off remains can be used again.
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Step 6
File nail to size

Next, use a glass file to file away the edges of the remaining excess Nailwrap. File your nails STRAIGHT from top to bottom or across from left to right (or right to left). This ensures that the glue does not come off (e.g. when filing from bottom to top). Make sure that the Nailwrap is not damaged in the process. Try to apply the nail file as straight as possible.
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Step 7

Finish your manicure by applying a layer of clear nail polish (top coat) over the Nailwraps. Sometimes it is useful to apply several coats to achieve an extra shiny look. You can omit the Top Coat if you like, but the Nailwraps may last longer with a Top Coat.


  1. Are there any deviations from the colors of the Nailwraps on the website?
    Since screens reproduce colors differently, individual color tones may not be displayed correctly or may deviate slightly from the real result.
  2. How long do our Nailwraps last?
    Our Nailwraps last up to 2 weeks with proper application and the use of a top coat.
  3. How many Nailwraps are included in one set?
    In one set of our Nailwraps are 32 strips. Depending on the length of the nail, these last between 2 and up to 5 applications, as you can cut individual nail strips in the middle for short nails.
  4. For which nails are the Nailwraps suitable?
    Nailsome Nailwraps are suitable for natural, gel, shellac and acrylic nails.
  5. What do I do if one of the pre-cut sizes doesn't fit me?
    You can cut the Nailwraps yourself if one of the sizes does not fit you.
  6. Where do the Nailwraps come from?
    The Nailwraps were designed and evaluated by our team after several months of selection process and gradually added to the store. The printing of the Nailwraps is done by an exclusive partner.
  7. How long does the shipping take?
    Usually, the Nailwraps are packed and sent to you the very next day. The shipping takes about 2-3 days, but can also take up to 6 days in some cases.
  8. How much will shipping cost me?
    Shipping at Nailsome is always free!
  9. What kind of top coat should I use?
    We always recommend using a glossy, clear topcoat that does not dry quickly. Make sure that you allow it to dry completely before reapplying. Quick-drying topcoats can cause Nailwraps to lift or wrinkle at the edges. If you want a matte finish, seal the wraps and edges with a (non-fast-drying) glossy topcoat, wait for it to dry completely, and then apply a matte topcoat to the Nailwraps!
  10. Are hands allowed to come into contact with water?
    Yes, as long as the Nailwraps are sealed with a topcoat, gelcoat or transparent acrylic and the edges are covered, you can do so. However, after a fresh application of the Nailsome Nailwraps, wait at least 1 hour before the fingers come into contact with water and make sure that the Nailwraps are firmly pressed onto the nail bed.
  11. Why don't my Nailwraps stick to my nails?
    Be sure to clean your nails thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before use. All oils (natural oils or lotions on the nails) prevent the Nailwraps from sticking. We recommend wiping the nails thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and applying an additional drying agent such as BondAid and/or Protein Bond before applying the wraps to improve adhesion and wear time. - Wash your hands - Clean the surface of your nail thoroughly with rubbing alcohol - Use a drying agent (I recommend Bond Aid) - If you paint your nails before applying the Nailwraps, make sure the polish is 100% dry before applying the Nailsome Nailwraps!
  12. How do I prevent air bubbles or kinks at the edges?
    Try not to touch the adhesive side of the Nailwraps. Carefully place the Nailwrap so that the first point of contact is either at the cuticle or in the middle of the nail. Then carefully place the wrap down, pressing on it to avoid air bubbles. If you have air bubbles on the nail, use your soft fingertip to push them outward toward an edge. You can keep gently lifting the foil, but each time you do this, the foil will stick less. Another way to smooth out uneven sides is to dip a cotton swab or brush in acetone and gently dab the edges to seal the foil on the nail.
  13. What do I do if my Nailwraps is lifting at the edges?
    This can happen when:
    • your nails have not been sufficiently cleaned before use
    • you often work with your hands
    • the topcoat dries too fast
    • the wraps were not covered with topcoat or a gel topcoat at the edges

    To prevent/fix this:
    • Use a non fast drying topcoat every time
    • Clean the nail again, apply pressure on the wrap and cover it with another top coat or find another nail wrap that suits your nail and apply it again.

    To prevent lifting:
    • Try not to use your nails as a tool
    • Apply thin coats of topcoat from time to time to reseal the wraps